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This site is dedicated to promoting the study of complex systems. A complex system is a system in which simple rules give way to complex behavior. It is characterized primarily by interaction and by emergence. Emergence involves the creation of fractal patterns that evolve depending on the...

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Through the interaction of components in a complex system, dynamic activity occurs and yields to reinforcement of behavior. This ultimately creates the patterns that are characteristic of a complex system and shown above in the blood vessels within the eye. Here we see activity and reinforcement...

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A complex system is characterized by the involvement of many components, as shown through this map of information moving through the internet.



Emergence is a key characteristic of complexity and describes the result of interaction within the system. It occurs in all complex systems, whether inside the human body, in economic processes, or in nature, as shown in the fractal patterns of the leaf....

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Complex systems and exchange of information

Many complex systems are involved in the exchange of information in the brain. Neurons, synapses, and receptors are all reacting to information inside and outside the body.